Gary’s Audacious Monthly for April 2016

by garyasanchez

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I believe that learning how to be audacious and different is like any other behavior in that it takes practice to learn how to do or become something new.  That's why I believe that one way you can learn this skill faster is by seeing how others do it.  This is the first of what I plan to be an ongoing series I call “Audacious Monthly.”  Audacious Monthly will be a collection of people and businesses who do audacious real well.  At least they's managed to catch my attention as being able to stand out among a crowd of zombie people and brands that go through the motions each and every day.  Read their stories and think about how they managed to be far more different than anybody else in their categories or similar situations.  

My first installment of Audacious Monthly comes from news from March, 2016.  The examples you can read about include the following:

  • In the next phase of its "Share a Coke" campaign, starting in April the cola giant will put song lyrics on packaging pulled from more than 70 popular songs;
  • Chicago’s first "cat cafe" is coming to West Rogers Park as part of Tree House Humane Society’s new shelter set to open this year. 
  • Handmade soap company, Outlaw Soaps, with unusual scents such as leather, sandlewood, gunpowder, sage, campfire, dirt, whiskey, coffee & bacon celebrated its 4th year in business with a retail location in Colfax, CA.
  • Mtn Dew passes Dr Pepper in sales to claim 4th spot.;
  • Carl's Jr. CEO wants to replace all human workers with robots;
  • Burger King launches Angriest Whopper with hot sauce baked into its bun;
  • Founder Charity Anaïs overcomes several obstacles to launch Northern California's first organic snail farm;
  • Ugly fruits and vegetables are making a comeback on US Grocery store shelves, thanks to startups;
  • Franchise True rest expands floatation therapy concept with new locations in California.

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