Diamond Local Store Marketing Plan

What Is the Diamond Local Store Marketing Plan?

The Diamond Marketing Plan is a 4 point 80/20-based plan that is intended to maximize your return on investment.  It focuses on picking the marketing programs that work the best to attract and retain new customers to your business.  If you’d like to read a detailed account of how to implement these 4 programs all on your own, you may download my Diamond Local Store Marketing Planning Guide. If you have better things to do with your time than try to finally try to figure out marketing for your business, then read on.  Diamond Marketing is based on the concept of Local Store Marketing.  Local Store Marketing is much different than investing in expensive and difficult to measure mass marketing such billboards, radio ads and TV commercials.  Local Store Marketing is an approach where you focus all of your marketing spending, time and resources within a 5 to 10 minute drive of your business location.  That’s because advertising to people who aren’t likely to visit your business (as TV advertising often does, for example) is a complete and utter waste of money (IMHO).

The 4 critical elements of the Diamond Marketing Plan are:

1.  Create an Audacious Point of Difference – When you can become known for something no other business is known for, you then create a hook that word of mouth can depend on.  Are you the hair stylist who serves Champaign to your customers while cranking the Motown tunes on your sound system to create a party atmosphere for your customers?  To get some ideas of how to identify your Audacious Point of Difference, please read my blog post on the subject How to Identify What Makes Your Business Really, Really Special & Memorable.

2.  Email Marketing – How do you let your past customers know what’s going on at your business and give them reasons to return?  One of the most widely cited marketing “truths” is that it costs far more money to attract a new customer than to bring a past customer back into your business.  There’s no need to make email marketing overly complicated.  “I don’t know what to write about.”  “I don’t want to bother or bore my customers.”  To learn how to avoid both of these marketing transgressions, please read my blog post How to Create an Email Marketing System That Your Customers Will Love.    

3. Events & Promotions – When you adopt the Diamond Marketing Approach to Local Store Marketing, one of the surest ways to become a good neighborhood business is to host parties and/or events that your customers and neighbors can attend and enjoy.  For some ideas on how to create an Events Calendar, please read my blog post How to Turn Your Business Into a Valuable Neighborhood Resource.  While I consider events to be a subset of promotions, I also believe that if you can build a Promotions Mentality, you will find ways to bring traffic into your business. To learn how I recommend you create a Promotions Calendar, please read my blog post 20 Ideas to Use a Local Store Promotions Calendar as a Strategic Tool.

4. Facebook Advertising – Digital Marketing is absolutely essential in this day and age.  If prospects can’t find you from their phone, they ain’t nevah gonna find you.  Internet marketing really only comes down to 2 things:  1) Traffic to your website; 2) Conversions from your website.  I have found that Facebook advertising is the most cost effective way to drive new traffic to your website and to attract new customers to your business.  To learn the various ways you could use Facebook advertising to your advantage, please read my blog post Why Facebook Advertising Could Save Your Local Business.

Who is Gary Sanchez and Why Haven’t I Heard of You Before?

Could you spend more money on a different marketing plan?  Of course you could, and there are certainly no shortage of agencies and consultants who would gladly take that extra money from you.  I honed my marketing skills by being a marketing manager / marketing director at businesses like yours where my performance was evaluated based on how well I increased sales and profits at my employer company, not in how well I could sell the owner on specific mediums such as billboards, radio or TV ads.  That means my motivation has always been to spend less and get more.  I moved to the Northeast Heights of Albuquerque about a year ago and have been refining the elements of my Diamond Marketing Plan by testing them on my own business.  You can read more About Me.

How Much Does the Diamond Local Store Marketing Plan Cost?

The best marketing plans and marketing employees pay for themselves.  They generate more sales and profits than it costs.  Said in geeky marketing speak, they generate a positive return-on-investment.  For qualified businesses, I will personally create a 1 year Diamond Marketing Plan that’s customized for your business.  A typical plan may require you to start with about $250 in cash before you see the first ROI.

How Do I Qualify For the Free Annual Diamond Local Store Marketing Plan?

To see if you qualify for the Free Annual Diamond Marketing Plan, take and submit the Local Store Marketing Survey.

What Is the Diamond Guarantee?

If you allow me to make an Irresistible Offer to your prospects and you agree to hire me after demonstrating results, I will bring you new customers before you agree to hire me and pay me. 

What Is An Irresistible Offer?

An irresistible offer is an offer you make to a prospect to buy and/or try your products or services

Why Is the Diamond Marketing Plan Better Than Billboards Radio Ads or TV Commercials?

The Diamond Local Store Marketing Plan is better than most alternatives you will consider for many important reasons:

  1. It costs a whole lot less than alternatives you could consider;
  2. It’s measurable;
  3. It brings value to your customers;
  4. It generates a positive ROI.