Hi.  My name is Gary Sanchez.  I specialize in Local Store Marketing and help local Albuquerque  businesses turn neighbors into customers so they can make more sales and profits. Welcome to my world that I like to call the Audacious Marketing blog.  I recommend you take one of two paths while you're here:

1)  The first path would be to kick the tires of my massive knowledge-filled marketing brain and consider hiring me (via my company Queso & Cheese Marketing) to help you strengthen your weak marketing and improve your returns-on-investment.  You can accomplish this by reviewing my core services then contacting me to set up a discussion (I'm not going to call it a consultation because nobody wants to receive a consultation and I certainly don't want the pressure of having to give you insightful advice on our very first conversation.  I once had a prospect invite me to his business and he said "go ahead, give me your spiel" and I said "I don't have one.  I just like to ask a lot of questions to get to know where you and your business are").  But I digress!  Alternatively, you can send me some questions and I'll get back to you with some answers.  I know most business owners don't want to spend a lot of time or money on their marketing, so I try to help you avoid both of those "lot ofs".  If I must, the quick spiel is that I'm a Stanford MBA, veteran retail, franchise, food and consumer products marketing manager and director who has 20+ years of practical marketing experience.  I am not an agency nor a social media marketing Millennial.  The problem with agencies is that they are often too focused on winning awards or on convincing you to spend money on expensive mass media.  I like to say that I'm the WORST mass media advertising consultant in Albuquerque because I'm vehemently against wasting money on TV, radio and billboard ads.  The problem with Millenial social media marketers is that all they know is a small sliver of what makes great marketing.   I'm ROI-focused and I want to help you strengthen your weak marketing and help you achieve your dreams of long vacations, pursuing hobbies and adventures.  But you can't step away from the business for long periods of time until you solidify your team and your marketing.

2)  The second path would be to poke around and learn as much as you can about a specific marketing subject.  I've organized my blog posts by subject for you and I'm building a page of valuable marketing resources such as checklists and ebooks I've written and even email courses to which you can subscribe.  You probably found this website through a web search, so it's probable that you can find info on the subject you are searching for.  Just to be safe, however, let me clarify the marketing subjects that I write about here at the Audacious Marketing Blog  My cornerstone content falls into 6 different categories:

1) Differentiation & Promotions;

2) Strategy & Planning;

3) Local Store Marketing;

4) Innovation;

5) Pareto (80/20) Principle in Marketing;

6) Restaurant Marketing

One note about the content.  I do not have a "copywriting" category even though I will occasionally write about it.  90% of the time, I believe that marketing is nothing more than the words we choose to communicate our offerings.  Consequently, when I do discuss copywriting and communications, it will be within either the Local Store Marketing category or the Pareto Principle category. 

For your convenience, I’ve also organized some key posts into:

“Preserve the Core, Stimulate Change.” 

Jim Collins wrote the best selling book Built to Last and one of his ideas was to “preserve the core and stimulate progress.”  I’m a BIG believer in the power of the 80/20 rule.  Here at the Audacious Marketing Blog, I publish blog posts on the subject matter that has generated more than 80% of my website’s page views.  IMO, that’s CORE content.  If you’re interested in reading the subjects I discuss and probe that could stimulate content change, then you’ll want to subscribe to my Audacious marketing blog email list.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn from me.  If you read one of my blog posts, please leave me a comment and tell me what you think about my ideas.  Or if you just want to introduce yourself, say hi.  You may also connect with me via several social media channels such as my Facebook page, follow me on twitter or on Instagram

If you want to learn a bit more about me, Gary Sanchez, or about my business, Queso & Cheese Marketing, then head on over to my About page.

Peace, love and audacious marketing to you!