Marketing Library

Welcome to the Peace, Love & Audacious Marketing library where our goal is to help you learn to create more effective marketing.

This is a collection of free marketing resources. You don't need a library card and there will be no return due dates. You don't even need to tell me you've checked out a resource.  Take your time and browse a little if you like.

Whether you are here because you want to learn how to become a better do-it-yourself marketer, learn some best practices, or just learn what it takes to create a new type of marketing program, this is your personal resource.

I'll be building up this resource over time.  Please bear with me while I start to fill the stacks.

Marketing eBooks

Lets Start v.1 Gary Sanchez

This is a 12-page eBook that is a call to action to get $h!t (and work and art) done. change starts in a nanosecond, but to reinforce change it takes repetition of actions. these are the actions I use most.  how about you?

54 Ways to Increase Sales Like a Rock Star

54 marketing ideas of how you can generate sales growth within the context of three critical strategies: 1. upselling and cross selling; 2. building customer loyalty; 3. acquiring new customers.  Within these three strategies I share a long list of proven ideas and tactics, most of which I've used to grow sales at consumer products and retail businesses.

Audacious Monthly

I believe that learning how to be audacious / different is like any other behavior in that it takes practice to learn how.  That's why I believe that one way you can learn this skill faster is by seeing how others do it.  My Audacious Monthly is a collection of poeple and businesses who do audacious real well.  Read their stories and think about how they managed to be far more different than anybody else in their categories or similar situations.  

My collection of Audacious Monthlies can be found below:

If you'd like to download and print any of these summaries, just click on the link. Each downloadable pdf has links to more in depth stories to each example.

February 2016Audacious Monthly – February 2016

March 2016:  Audacious Monthly – March 2016

June 2016: Audacious Monthly – June 2016

July 2016:  Audacious Monthly – July 2016